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Tebow talks football before faith


The first thing Tim Tebow did as a New York Jet was thank the Denver Broncos.

He eventually thanked the fans in Florida and Denver. He credited his relationship with the Jets coaching staff as a primary reason for coming to New York. He cited his great relationship with Mark Sanchez.

Tebow did not thank Jesus Christ, as he normally does to open interviews. In fact, Tebow didn't mention his faith for a full 16 minutes until he was asked directly about it.

"Obviously, I'm someone that is very outspoken about my faith, Tebow said once prompted. I've never been ashamed of it and anytime I get the opportunity I thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ because that's the most important thing to me." 

Once that question was out of the way, the media asked a few more about Tebow's faith. He answered the questions very well -- as always -- but was notably careful not to get too far down the religion/politics rabbit hole. He said he's not super "outspoken" in the locker room when it comes to his faith.

"I think the greatest way to share the gospel is just by acting it," Tebow said.

The Jets did Tebow a disservice by putting him front and center on Monday. There was no management there with him. But Tebow purposefully tried to keep the press conference focused on what will happen on the field, not off it.

"We're at a press conference for a football team so it's not exactly the platform to get up here and share everything you believe," Tebow said when pressed, before saying he's a follower of Jesus Christ. That quickly turned to, "This is a press conference for the New York Jets football team."

Tebow looked happy to keep answering questions all day, but it appeared he came in with a game plan and executed very well. A Jets media staffer cut the party off after 35 minutes.

"Thank you all, and God bless," Tebow said as he left.

Okay, it wasn't that different of a game plan.


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