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Report: Tebow eyes home in Sanchez's hood


When the on-again, off-again trade of Tim Tebow to the Jets was finally on again, reality descended.

We're in for a wild one.

Dropping Tebow into a Jets locker room Mark Sanchez has yet to win over promises a steady stream of drama, and that awkwardness threatens to extend to the homefront.

Tebow is reportedly eyeing a rental home in the same upscale New Jersey community where Sanchez lives, sources (described to us as "insiders") told the New York Post.

"(Tebow) really wants to live there," a source told the newspaper, describing the two homes nestled inside the Trump National Golf Course community in Bedminster as a "football's throw apart."

The spread is owned by none other than The Donald himself, who sounds an awful lot like the mouthpiece on this one.

Tebow -- shifting away from any semblance of an ascetic's life -- also took a gander at Manhattan's Trump Park Avenue among other Trump properties.

Unlike Tebow, Sanchez isn't a golfer, per the Post, but moved to the Jersey compund for the sake of privacy. Now he can look forward to Tebow knocking on the door to borrow Tupperware, a bag of sugar and Sanchez's weather-worn copy of "Georgia Rule."

Somebody wake us up from this disturbing dream.