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In the end, Tebow opts for the spotlight with Jets


Try to think all the back to Tuesday afternoon, when we first thought Tim Tebow was headed to New York. Fans feared Tebow's arrival. The circus was coming to town.

Eight wild and potentially embarrassing hours later, Tebow is finally and officially headed to New York.

Suddenly, he's a hero.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reports the Broncos will receive a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick in exchange for Tebow and a seventh-round pick. The contractual issue was worked out.

Here's the kicker: Tebow had a choice in his destination. Lombardi reports he picked Gang Green over the Jaguars (although Tebow denied that he had any say in his destination when asked in a conference call Wednesday night).

The Florida kid picked the big city. He picked the team with a more established quarterback on the roster in the biggest media market. He chose the drama. He chose the target on its back.

Maybe it's all a carefully orchestrated dance to make Tebow look great. If that's the case, it should be effective.

Most Jets fans I know fear the Tebow era. They see drama and potential disaster around every corner. They are, after all, Jets fans.

But New Yorkers appreciate a flair for the dramatic. They appreciate a player with stones. By choosing New York, Tebow already has won his first battle in the Big Apple.

He wants the spotlight. He chose it.


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