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Tebow photos already stripped from Broncos' facility


If you're a person still holding out hope you'll get more mileage out of that Tim Tebow Broncos jersey you bought in January, you might want to stop reading right now.

At the gleeful chucklefest that was the Peyton Manning introductory press conference, you'd be hard-pressed to find any reminders of Tebowmania.

That's because all the action photos of Tebow that once adorned the hallways at the Broncos' team facility were removed, according to The Associated Press.

Asked Tuesday if Tebow would be traded, Broncos executive vice president John Elway said, "It is a possibility, and he knows that's a possibility."

Something tells us "possibility" wasn't the accurate wording here. "Certainty" would probably be more genuine. "Are you serious? We already moved his stuff into a cardboard box!" would also work.

These are not high times for Timothy Richard Tebow.


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