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Landry retweets rip session from angry 'Skins fans

  • By Marc Sessler
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LaRon Landry is out in Washington, but he's not leaving quietly.

After the veteran safety signed a one-year contract with the Jets, a fired-up pocket of 'Skins fans made their displeasure known on Twitter.

Amid a steady mixture of congratulations for the hard-hitting, but oft-injured Landry, fans unleashed pure vitriol for Washington's front office, who chose not to re-sign the safety.

This all would have flown under the radar, had Landry not chosen to retweet the comments to his 42,000 followers.

Here's a sampling, per The Washington Post.

• (Landry) left my Skins for the Jets cause they weren’t smart enough to keep him!.... they just might regret it smh

• As a Redskins fan, (Landry) stepped up and helped us cope when we lost Sean (Taylor). Now we lost him too...our team management makes me sick!

• i completely agree i am a skins fan for life but there maniging sucks

• we'll always love you in DC. The management don't know what they doing

• that's what I'm talking bout homie big up to LL. Welcome to NY homie lets do the damn thing skins thank you for being stupid!!!!

• Redskins management was STUPID to let you go. Miracles happen and your foot would have healed. SMFH. I’m a Jets fan now. J-E-T-S

It appears Washington's mega-swap with the Rams for the No. 2 pick and the rights to Robert Griffin III didn't exactly quell this gang of malcontents. A situation to monitor in our nation's capital.

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