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Peyton Manning will own Elway ... in record books


John Elway built a Hall of Fame legacy (not to mention a few car dealerships) on the strength of his fourth-quarter comebacks with the Denver Broncos.

Now he has landed a quarterback, Peyton Manning, who could pass him in the NFL record books in that very category.

(Elway surely will be cool with this.)

Elway and Manning currently are tied for second in NFL history with 46 fourth-quarter comebacks each. Dan Marino holds the record with 51.

Just for fun, let's look at some other areas in which Manning can pass his new boss:

• Manning has 7,210 pass attempts. He needs 40 more to tie Elway for third all time.

• Manning has thrown 198 interceptions, 26th most in league history. He needs (well, he doesn't need) 28 interceptions to tie Elway for 14th all time.

• Elway and Manning also are tied for comeback wins at 35. Marino is the league's all-time leader with 36.

• Elway and Manning also trail Marino by one in random co-starring roles in early period Jim Carrey movies.

What does this mean? Unclear. But feel free to impress friends with this random football knowledge.