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Stokley swears by Peyton Manning after workout in park

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While visiting the Denver Broncos, free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning threw passes to former Indianapolis Colts teammate Brandon Stokley last Saturday morning, leaving the receiver to say the four-time NFL MVP "looks great," according to The Denver Post.

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Stokley, a free agent as well, said Manning threw about 50 passes to him while he ran routes in a Castle Rock, Colo., park, via The Post.

"People who say the Broncos are crazy for not watching his balls fly, or what are they doing? Those people are dead wrong," Stokley told the newspaper. "I'll put whatever reputation I have on the line behind that guy right now. He looks great."

Stokley also told The Post that Manning stayed at his home Friday night, and he drove the quarterback to the airport Saturday night for his visit with the Arizona Cardinals.



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