Sanchez would garner more interest than Tebow if available

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Mark Sanchez (left) and Tim Tebow would be out of a starting job if their team signs Peyton Manning.

With the Broncos and Jets reportedly interested in free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning -- both would be great fits -- a scenario of great intrigue has arisen: What happens to the young quarterbacks he could displace?

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Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Who would garner more interest on the open market, either as trade bait or as a free agent?

Market for Tebow

An immediate exit out of Denver could be unlikely in Tebow's case. He's under contract for awhile and severing ties completely would cause a mutiny in the Mile High City. But Broncos coaches and execs know he's flawed and understand sustained success could be tough with the style he plays.

Still, if Tebow were dangled, how much interest league-wide would there be in him? I don't think there would be much. Free agent Matt Flynn, rookies Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill would be more attractive to most teams. And don't forget quality free agents like Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton.

Sure, Tebow could sell tickets and create hysteria in some markets, especially in his hometown of Jacksonville. Though, the thought of a Blaine Gabbert-Tim Tebow competition doesn't exactly elicit goose bumps.

As a starting quarterback, the opinion of Tebow around the league isn't favorable. Even though he went 8-5 when he took over as a starter last season, helping the Broncos beat teams like the Jets and Steelers, Tebow is not viewed as a franchise quarterback.

His teammate, defensive rookie of the year Von Miller, told me last week that Tebow is a game manager, adding that's all he needs to be because the rest of the team is solid. To note: Miller loves Tebow and said that he will never say anything negative about him because he's a believer that Denver can win with him.

The Broncos have won with Tebow and maybe can in the future. But they are pursuing Peyton Manning for a reason. No team fears Tebow like it does Manning.

Market for Sanchez

Sanchez, on the other hand, would probably generate more league-wide interest than Tebow.

While Sanchez has his share of detractors -- especially in his own locker room -- he's proven he's a viable starter. He's gone to two AFC Championship Games and played well in big moments. He's not Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning, but he's not a stiff. He has many of the tools needed to play quarterback and start in the NFL for a long time.

If he were to hit the open market, though, he wouldn't be the top priority of teams that need a quarterback. Flynn, Luck, Griffin and Tannehill would be. Sanchez would be a solid consolation prize but he's no longer viewed as the franchise quarterback that he once was.

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