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Layers of Favre Twitter mystery slowly peeled away

  • By Dan Hanzus
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The mind labyrinth that is the Brett Favre Twitter saga deserves its own "Unsolved Mysteries" episode at this point.

It all began on March 2, when Favre (@BrettFavre4) joined Twitter with the message, "Hello friends, family, and fans. This is my official account I finally found the time to join twitter."

The world seemed flush with opportunity. But things quickly took a sharp left turn. On Monday, Favre's page saw a surge in activity. There were tweets about "meatball Mondays," Kobe Bryant's greatness and the serenity that comes with mowing the lawn.

"Favre" even had an exchange with Randy Moss, with Moss asking how Favre's daughter was.

On Thursday, ESPN Milwaukee reported that Favre's account was hacked.

"Please accept our sincere apologies regarding the information that we passed along regarding Brett's new Twitter account last Friday, March 2nd," the statement read. "Since Monday, March 5th an unknown party has taken over Brettfavre4 and has been tweeting without authorization."

This led to some obvious questions. Why didn't Favre or a crony simply change the password? What took so long to take control of the situation? And, perhaps most pressing, who hacks another person's account to tweet about mowing the lawn?

The unimaginative hacker eventually grew a conscience.


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