Gronk 'getting jacked at all times' for 'Madden' cover

Rob Gronkowski is aware of the so-called Madden Curse and its ill effects on a long list of NFL stars, but the Patriots tight end is throwing caution to the wind in a full-force effort to become EA Sports' "Madden NFL 13" cover boy.

Gronk and wideout Wes Welker are in the running to represent New England in this year's fan-driven cover contest, per The Boston Globe. Voting is already underway to decide which Patriots star will advance to face players from 31 other NFL teams.

Despite the cautionary tale spun by last year's winner, Browns running back Peyton Hillis, Gronk minces no words in his latest YouTube offering, encouraging his glassy-eyed "Gronk Nation" followers to get out the vote.

"It's just not because of the dedication on the field, but it's also because of the dedication off the field! Hard workers at all times! LET'S GO, BRO!" Gronk screams from his couch, donning a cast on his left ankle after recent surgery.

"Doing curls, busted ankle, cast on it -- IT DON'T STOP ME!" he continues, curling a crutch weighted down by one of his beefy brothers, before announcing: "Just getting jacked at all times, going crazy!"

The camera then pans to reveal even more Gronkowski Bros. -- stuffed into bad-80s-flashback, leopard-striped pajama pants -- in various stages of exercise on the living-room floor. Who went through the trouble of carpeting this room? Situating furniture? (Mrs. Gronkowski, you are a patient woman.)

Despite the dense meathead vibe, Gronk's enthusiasm is catchy -- perhaps only because we don't want to find ourselves in a dark alley against this clan of burlies.

Want to help make Gronk's dreams come true? Vote for him here through March 21.