Never say Nevers, but this record will be hard to beat


It still stands as one of the most hallowed numbers in all of sports.

There's still a certain magic that lingers in the symmetry. And it boggles the mind to think somebody could score 100 points in an NBA game. But that's what Wilt Chamberlain did against the New York Knicks, 50 years ago on Friday.

I watched Kobe pour in 81 points in a shot clock-driven NBA a few years ago and it's still baffling to think he was 19 points away.

To me, Wilt's 100 points ranks up there with Orel Hershiser's 59 consecutive scoreless innings as a couple of the most unbreakable records in sports.

But what are the NFL's most unbreakable records? Johnny Unitas' 47 consecutive games with a touchdown typically would make this list, but Drew Brees is getting pretty close. So here are my top six.

And without further ado ...

  • Flipper Anderson's 336 receiving yards

    The NFL has become a pass-happy league but only four guys have topped 300 receiving yards in a game -- the most recent coming when Anderson set the record with 336 receiving yards against the Saints in 1989. The closest since 2000 was Jimmy Smith's 291 yards in 2000.

  • Fred Dryer records two safeties in one game

    Getting a safety seems like it would be the Holy Grail for a defensive player, because it is so rare. Imagine what it must have been like for Dryer when he recorded a pair of safeties in a game in 1973. Somebody might one day tie this record, but nobody is getting three safeties in a game.

  • Derrick Thomas notches seven sacks in a game

    Thomas had 10 sacks as a rookie. He nearly matched the number with seven against the Seahawks in one game in 1990 on his way to a league-leading 20 sacks. The only way I could fathom seven sacks in a game would be to do the nose-tackle dive on Tecmo Super Bowl.

  • Brett Favre's 297 consecutive starts at quarterback

    Favre fell just short of reaching 300 consecutive starts, and it was hard to comprehend what he accomplished until the streak was snapped. We're not going to see many players participate in 19 NFL seasons, and we're certainly not going to have somebody approach 297 consecutive starts.

  • Don Hutson leads the league in touchdowns eight times

    If you believe Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time, at least concede Hutson was the most dominant. Some of Hutson's records have fallen, but he still holds the mark for most seasons leading the league in receptions (8), most consecutive seasons leading the league in receptions (5), and more. The most impressive is leading the league in touchdowns eight times.

    Oh, he also scored 29 points in one quarter (four touchdown receptions and five PATs).

  • Ernie Nevers' 40 points in a game

    Nevers scored every point (six touchdowns and four PATs) in the Chicago Cardinals' 40-6 drubbing of the crosstown Bears in 1929, and the record is the longest standing in NFL history. Good news: Under the current rules, a player could tie the record with six touchdowns but only two two-point conversions. So they have that going for them.


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