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Starlets, magazines and other things to give up for Lent


Happy Ash Wednesday, everybody! For the uninitiated, here's a very basic definition: Ash Wednesday is the kickoff of Lent, or the 40-day holy season leading up to Easter for many Christians. If you aren't Catholic but have Catholic friends, you might have heard them talk about "giving something up" as part of this religious tradition.

I thought my wife's Catholic gene was repressed when we were married, but we've started observing Lent in recent years. And by that, I mean we're actively participating and giving something up.

For instance, I've given up coffee until Easter. Which also means my co-workers will have to give up on any chance of me being a pleasant person for awhile (though some might not even notice a change).

And while it's not my way to push my beliefs on anybody, I have six suggestions for any NFL players who might be looking to give something up in observance of Lent.

And without further ado ...

  • Give up whining that your coach doesn't love you enough

    When I read about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger bellyaching because new offensive coordinator Todd Haley hadn't called him, I got the same feeling I got when my niece whined about the boy in her chemistry class who wouldn't accept her Facebook friend request: They were embarrassing themselves. I'm talking, of course, about Big Ben and my niece's classmate -- my niece is just delightful.

  • Give up saying "I was misquoted"

    Nice try Brady Quinn. Sure, GQ Magazine misquoted your "billboard envy." You know, maybe you should just stop talking about Tim Tebow. Oh, and this also applies to that other favorite excuse, "My Twitter account was hacked."

  • Give up posing for GQ

    Since we're on the subject of GQ, maybe some of you could skip posing for the magazine this spring. And by some of you, I mean Mark Sanchez.

  • Give up commercials before the playoffs start

    What's worse for an NFL player than watching the playoffs from home? Watching the playoffs from home when a commercial featuring their team comes on. How do you think Aaron Rodgers was enjoying those 'discount double-check' commercials during the title games?

  • Give up Kim Kardashian

    Actually, this isn't even a religious thing. All NFL players should make a pact to not date Kardashian at any time in the future.

  • Give up facial hair

    Specifically, designer facial hair. It doesn't look good -- right, Joe Flacco? I do appreciate that he was growing it for charity, but can't we organize a bake sale next time, or do something a little less foolish? Thankfully, what people will remember about the Ravens' season is Billy Cundiff's missed kick in the playoffs, not the fu manchu.


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