Has Linsanity moved past Tebowmania?


Is Jeremy Lin the new Tim Tebow? If he's not, he at least has made things interesting in the doldrums of the sports calendar immediately after the Super Bowl.

It's true. I can't remember the last time I watched a non-Lakers regular-season basketball game. But Lin has captured those jaded sports fans.

So has Lin surpassed Tebow? Let's take a look.

Player Tim Tebow Jeremy Lin Give it to ...
Thank you for the chance: Kyle Orton Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony Lin
3: 16 For the win! Push. Lin also is devout.
College credentials: Heisman Trophy Scored 30 against UConn Tebow
Kept on the bench: Cam Newton at Florida Himself Tebow
Crash pad: His own house His brother's couch Tebow. But Lin now is believed to be living in 'Melo's old place.
Plays like: A fullback Steve Nash Lin
Biggest detractor:
John Elway

Floyd Mayweather
Lin. Mayweather doesn't make the Knicks' personnel decisions.
Looks like a genius now: Josh McDaniels Certainly not the Golden State Warriors Push. As Lin continues to excel in the NBA, all of those Warriors fans will be tormented by the thought of their team cutting a hometown hero. Yes, all 26 Warriors fans.
Signature move:

Crossing up defenders
Tebow. His move is more easily duplicated.
Best pass: His 80-yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat the Steelers in OT. The no-look to Tyson Chandler Tebow. Though I'm guessing Tebow closed his eyes when he made the pass to Thomas, too.
9 for 20: Tebow's line in his fifth start of the season against the Jets. Lin's line in his fifth start of the season against the Raptors. Push
Can he get rid of a pass in less than five seconds? No Yes Lin
Spawned phenomena: Tebowmania Linsanity Lin
Also seen on: Red carpets, tabloids SportsCenter Lin. Nobody outside of Skip Bayless even mentions Tebow on ESPN anymore.
Celebrity women chasing him:
Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy and Maria Menounos.

None. But Kris Jenner figures to put Kim Kardashian into the mix soon.
Is he actually good at the sport he plays: No Yes Lin


All right, Jeremy Lin. You won in dramatic fashion like you've done on the hardwood. Though I'm still convinced David Stern has orchestrated this movement as the 2012 version of the frozen lottery envelope to give New York a new superstar.

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