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Ex-Giants WR Tyree sees red (and gold) at Empire State Building

  • By Marc Sessler
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David Tyree's clutch grab in Super Bowl XLII is the stuff of legend among Giants fans, but Tyree's efforts to fire up his former team on Friday?

Not so clutch.

Tyree, out of football since 2009, was asked to flip the lights on New York City's Empire State Building to celebrate the Giants' voyage to San Francisco for Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

"Headed to the #EmpireStateBuilding," Tyree tweeted, "to light the building Giant Blue."

Not so fast, Helmet-Catch Man. Instead of a sea of blue bulbs, the skyscraper glowed red -- and gold. Niners colors.

The ill-timed hue scheme was connected to the Lunar New Year, MATTER, Edelman Sports and Entertainment Marketing told The Star-Ledger on Saturday, in what might be the toughest sell on Giants fans since Ray Handley.

Organizers said Tyree was only available to appear Friday, but that the blue lights would return over the weekend.

Thousands of miles away,'s Jeff Darlington killed the moon-cycle chatter when he tweeted this image of a double-decker bus floating over San Francisco's streets with "LET'S GO G-MEN" scrawled across its (soon-to-be-egged) frame in massive block letters.

This won't end well.


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