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Ex-49ers RB Craig: Harbaugh has 'secret sauce' for winning

  • By Marc Sessler
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Roger Craig knows a thing or two about dynasties in San Francisco, having won three Super Bowls during his storied career running the ball for the 49ers.

Craig has a deep well of memories to look back on, but it's the 49ers' future that has him fired up.

"I see these guys doing some wonderful things this decade -- I think (coach) Jim (Harbaugh) will do a great job of creating another dynasty and winning some Super Bowls," Craig told the San Francisco Chronicle this week. "I foresee us winning some Super Bowls in the next decade, if not this year, then in the years ahead.

"Wherever (Harbaugh) goes, he wins. He has the secret sauce, and I'm loving his flavor."

High praise for a team that hasn't appeared in a Super Bowl since January 1995. The 49ers have a chance to get back there with a win over the Giants in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

It's premature to even hint at a dynasty, as the team's biggest hurdle might be eclipsing those old names and numbers that are so deeply etched into the Bay Area's collective consciousness. Montana, Craig, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott are men of renown in San Francisco, but Craig believes Alex Smith, Frank Gore and a hammer-dropping defense are primed to forge a new identity.

"They're creating their own legacy. It's fair to let them live their own legacy and not compare them to us," Craig said. "They did some special things this year. I was a fan of the team very early in the season. I could tell they were a dangerous team."

A team with a chance to write new history Sunday at Candlestick Park.


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