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Ex-Jet Alosi hired as UCLA's strength and conditioning coach

  • By Simon Samano
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There are those who adamantly believe Sal Alosi should be eternally exiled from the sidelines of a football field. Jim Mora, though, doesn't feel the same way.

Mora, who was recently hired as UCLA's football coach, announced the hiring of Alosi on Monday as the Bruins' coordinator of strength and conditioning, which oddly enough is a new position, according to the university's release.

That would mean UCLA went out of its way to bring aboard a guy who, last we knew, wasn't exactly on a path to winning an award for excellence for sportsmanship.

In case you forgot, Alosi is the former Jets strength and conditioning coach who was caught on camera tripping the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll along the sideline during a game in 2010. It was a real bush-league move that could've seriously injured Carroll. Luckily, it didn't. Alosi's actions instantly made him one of the league's most-hated men and eventually led to his resignation from the Jets.

The guess here is that Mora is a big believer in second chances, especially since the two men have a history together. In 2006, Alosi's only year away from the Jets, he was a member of Mora's coaching staff with the Falcons. So Mora must know a lighter, good-natured side to the guy.

Still can't imagine this news going over well with the rest of the Pac-12.


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