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Tebow: The Movie? Hollywood has to be already on it


Our Michael Lombardi wrote today that Hollywood couldn't script the Tim Tebow story any better. I'm sure Matt Stone and Trey Parker already are working on the treatment. But before that happens, allow me to offer my suggestions for who should be cast in the various roles.

First, the supporting cast:

Omar Epps as Mike Tomlin
Will Ferrell as Ben Roethlisberger
Daniel Cosgrove as Brady Quinn
Keanu Reeves as Kyle Orton
Jake M. Johnson as Dave Dameshek
Atticus Shaffer as "The kid Tebow Promised to Throw Two Touchdowns for"
Chris D'Elia as Jesus

And without further ado ...

  • Gillian Jacobs as "The Love Interest"

    You might know her best for her role on "Community," but with the show's recent hiatus, she should be available. Her all-American looks are perfect. And any resemblance to Lindsey Vonn is, you know, purely coincidental.

  • Eric Roberts as John Fox

    Roberts has spent a lifetime being overshadowed by his famous sister, Julia. So he would be a natural to play the understated head coach who constantly has to yield the spotlight to Denver executive vice president of football operations John Elway.

  • Anthony Mackie as Demaryius Thomas

    Mackie, one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars, plays the best friend/receiver who makes the winning touchdown reception.

  • Dwayne Johnson as "The Hater"

    The Rock plays a composite of all Tebow-haters -- James Harrison, Brian Urlacher, et al. In the film's final culmination, it's Johnson who leads the Denver crowd in a slow clap of admiration.

  • Dennis Quaid as John Elway

    Quaid already displayed the chops to play a quarterback during his turn in "Any Given Sunday," so his casting is a natural. He also must pull off the "happy on the outside, while seething inside" look Elway has displayed during Tebowmania.

  • Chris Pine as Tim Tebow

    Pine no doubt will have to bulk up for this role, but he's got the jaw, hairline and good looks to pull off a big screen version of Tebow. Of course, if you want to option this picture as a musical, we can always sub in Hugh Jackman.


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