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Broncos coach Fox believes pass-happy approach leads to doom

  • By Marc Sessler
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John Elway is urging Tim Tebow to wake from his funk and "pull the trigger," and the Broncos quarterback has promised to comply.

Somewhere in the middle of this arrangement stands John Fox, the coach in charge of Denver's game plan on Sunday, when the mighty Steelers visit for a wild-card encounter that doubles as the Broncos' opportunity to snap a stark, three-game skid.

Elway wasn't suggesting an all-out air assault, certain to run into trouble against Pittsburgh's top-ranked defense. He simply wants Tebow to reapply the devil-may-care approach (ill choice of words, perhaps) that, with all its faults, helped guide Denver to a 7-1 midseason surge.

It doesn't sound like Fox is planning to reinvent the wheel Sunday. He's come this far with his new pal, the read-option, and while he's heard the whispers about Denver needing to open it up to keep pace, a jarring change of strategy appears unlikely.

"I don't really understand what that means unless they say pass it a lot more," Fox told KDSP-FM this week, per "If you look at our stats, whenever we have thrown it 35 or 45 times, it's been very lopsided, so I'd say they gotta stick to what they do because they know that better than they know this."

Fox downshifted into all-star coach-speak when asked to specify: "Without getting into too much detail from a competitive standpoint, we’ll have a good plan and I'm sure the Steelers will as well and whoever executes that the best on Sunday will leave victorious."

He says so much while saying so little. Only Sunday will tell if the Broncos have one more stunner left in their veins.


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