Rodgers on Flynn: Sunday 'shows Matt is a pretty good QB'

  • By Marc Sessler
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Aaron Rodgers: System quarterback?

As the Packers starter kept comfy in his winter hat Sunday, understudy Matt Flynn slashed the Lions for 480 yards and six touchdown passes, a display that prompted outsiders to ponder if Rodgers, in fact, is a straw man -- simply the cog in a machine geared to churn out yardage, touchdowns and wins -- one easily replaced by Flynn or any man off the street.

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson called the idea "disrespectful," and when Rodgers was asked the "system" question, he used it as an opportunity to compliment Flynn.

"I think (Sunday) shows Matt is a pretty good quarterback," Rodgers told the team's official website Tuesday. "We've got the right kind of players here."

Rodgers sat, watched and learned for three seasons behind Brett Favre. Flynn has spent four years in development behind Rodgers. So, yes, Green Bay's system is effective, choosing to slow-cook its passers. When they see the field, they're prepared.

More effective than launching a deer-in-the-headlights Blaine Gabbert into a roaring fire? Of course, but it's a rarity in today's NFL.

Outside of Cam Newton and a handful of others, most young quarterbacks could use the extra time to develop, something allowed by Green Bay's stable coaching and front-office structure. It's a sound system, but labeling Rodgers a replaceable part overlooks his gifts, his work ethic and what he's accomplished in a short time for this storied franchise.