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Bills' Gailey would welcome WR Johnson back with stipulations

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Steve Johnson already has gone on record stating he'd like to be back in Buffalo next season. On Monday, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick passionately stated the case for why Buffalo should re-sign his favorite target.

"If you look at what Steve has done with the two 1,000-yard seasons in a row, it's really the first two years Steve has played," Fitzpatrick said Monday, via The Buffalo News. "I feel like a lot of what I've done and a lot of the success I've had since I've been here has been because of him. And the success that he's had, a lot of it's been because of me. We have that relationship."

Coach Chan Gailey was asked by reporters Monday if he'd like to see the free-agent-to-be Johnson donning a Bills jersey come next September. The News reported Gailey paused for a few seconds before giving his answer.

"Yes," Gailey said. "And with stipulations. I mean, you love what Stevie does on the field before he scores touchdowns. So you just have to decide if he can and we can get that under control.

"Stevie's a very good football player; he is a very good football player," Gailey added.

Johnson was benched in last Sunday's season finale after he earned a 15-yard excessive-celebration penalty for lifting his jersey to reveal an undershirt that read: "Happy New Year!!" following a touchdown catch. The move chaffed Gailey because he previously warned the wideout about such stunts this season.



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