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Report: NFL rescinds fine on Texans' Brown for alleged punch

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The NFL rescinded the $7,500 fine it had levied against Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown for unnecessary roughness in a 24-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in October, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Brown allegedly punched Jaguars linebacker Clint Session, but the lineman contended he was merely steadying himself as he got up. Brown contested the fine, sending video of the incident to the league.

The incident happened after Session sacked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, forcing a fumble that led to a Jaguars touchdown.

"I did not punch that man," Brown told the Chronicle in November. "As I was getting up, one of his teammates came and pushed me. To not fall back on top of him, my left hand came down and hit him in the stomach area to stop myself from falling on top of him. I immediately got up, and as you saw from the tape, he had no reaction to it. He got up and continued to play."

"It is what it is," Brown said at the time. "I have no reason to apologize for anything because I didn't punch him."



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