Pick Six  


Colts have the No. 1 pick, but are they truly No. 1?

Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press
Dwight Freeney has reason to celebrate: His Colts own the No. 1 pick in this year's draft.


It's time for the final Alternative Rankings for 2011, a look at the bottom six in the NFL. This isn't the exact draft order -- you can find that elsewhere on the site. Rather, this is a look at the bottom six in the NFL, mainly because we don't have a team in Los Angeles and I have nothing to root for.

And without further ado ...





Wait, the Jets aren't in the playoffs? But Rex Ryan guaranteed a Super Bowl, and he's never wrong. The age-old argument of the chicken or the egg has given way in New York to, is it the Schottenheimer or the Sanchez? Here's the answer: Get rid of both of them. Mark Sanchez is the worst quarterback in the NFL, and Brian Schottenheimer ain't helping. If the Jets believe Peyton Manning is walking through that door to save the franchise, they should pull out Brett Favre's 2008 highlight film. Yes, Favre did enjoy some limited success before injuries cost him. But do you really want to trust a 36-year-old who's coming off his third neck surgery? The Jets would be better off with Matt Flynn. At least you'd have something to look forward to.




The Vikings are pushing for a new stadium, and this is the effort they put out there? This made DeSean Jackson's attempt for a new contract seem good in comparison. Was the point of this Vikings season to make sure nobody missed them? Too many questions surround this team. Can Adrian Peterson return next season? Is Christian Ponder a franchise quarterback? Will the Vikings nickname seem as out of place in Los Angeles as the Lakers? So many questions.




The Colts blew their chance at a perfect season, but they'll still end up taking a young quarterback with the first pick in the draft. But somebody needs to explain to me where the justice is in having a franchise that ripped the heart out of Baltimore go from Peyton Manning to a young stud.




St. Louis locked up the second overall pick but takes third in the overall rankings. I mean, it actually had a lead over San Francisco and even put up a fight before eventually falling. St. Louis will have an interesting choice at the second spot: Do they go lineman or receiver? Either position should improve the team, or at least give Sam Bradford some much-needed help.




The Bucs ended the season on a 10-game losing streak -- none worse than absolutely quitting against the Falcons in Week 17. Tampa Bay should be lucky the NFL doesn't have relegation. I typically hate the hyperbole of the worst NFL team playing the collegiate national champions, but I'd like to see the Bucs play a team of college all-stars. I'm not sure who I'd take. Oh wait, I do know: the college kids.




Talk about your ultimate short-sighted win. The Jaguars beat the Colts on Sunday, but they might have given themselves more than a decade's worth of misery, nearly insuring that a young star quarterback will go to the Colts in the draft. In addition, Jacksonville might have cost itself a couple of draft spots that could be the difference in selecting a stud wide receiver or not. When the Jaguars look back at this in 2022, I hope they believe this win was worth it.

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