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Suggs' 'Ball So Hard' T-shirt trails Scott's 'Can't Wait' in sales

  • By Dan Hanzus
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When Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs introduced himself as "Sizzle" from "Ball So Hard University" last month, he did more than confuse 80 percent of the viewing audience for NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

Suggs also created himself a delicious little side business, starting a T-shirt line with the shield of fictional BSHU emblazoned on the front.

Suggs has moved units, but he can't claim the title of the NFL linebacker who sells the most workout shirts. That goes to Suggs' former teammate, Bart Scott, the Jets veteran who created his own line after his "Can't Wait!" comment took off after a win over the Patriots in last year's AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Suggs is bewildered that Scott is doing better business.

"Well, I can't explain that," Suggs told ESPN on Thursday. "Maybe Bart's is a little more catchy. Mine says, 'Hey, we're going to play also. We're going to ball so hard.'

"I mean, anybody can say they 'can't wait,' but not everybody can say that they are from Ball So Hard University."

That's a great point ... wait, no it's not. Feel free to say you graduated with honors from Ball So Hard University. It doesn't exist.

As for Scott's "Can't Wait" slogan, it's shocking that his T-shirt is even still in production. After all, Scott's comment was in reference to the Jets' AFC Championship Game against the Steelers, a game in which New York trailed 24-3 after two quarters. Production should have been ceased at halftime.


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