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These NFL stars have a bright future in Hollywood


The NFL announced Monday that a number of Hollywood veterans will tutor players for future careers in cinema, which seems like a fantastic idea. I mean, reality television can only churn out so many C-list actors, so somebody has to fill the void.

From gridiron to silver screen
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Although that seems to be a little unfair, considering the NFL was a launching point for Jim Brown ("Dirty Dozen" and "Mars Attacks), Terry Bradshaw ("Hooper" and "Cannonball Run"), Brian Bosworth ("Stone Cold") and Bubba Smith (pictured above in the Police Academy series).

And some current NFLers have given it a go, including Greg Jennings, Dallas Clark and Hines Ward, the latter of whom you can check out here in the "Dark Knight" trailer.

But here is my list of six guys who should give Hollywood a call when their playing days are over.

And without further ado ...

  • Peyton Manning

    Manning already has a big head start. No, not because of his commercials. Rather, by pretending that he cares about the Colts while he's standing on the sideline. His ideal role would be the perceived good guy who turns out to be a bad guy, like Craig Kilborn's character in "Old School" or Ben Stiller in "Happy Gilmore."

  • Ndamukong Suh

    Suh has had a number of brushes with authority during his short NFL career, so he'd be a perfect choice to play an unorthodox police officer whose temper threatens to ruin his career. He'd be someone you aren't sure if we should be cheering or not because he seems like a good guy but flies off the handle. Of course, Tim Tebow would play Suh's by-the-book partner.

  • Takeo Spikes

    Hollywood is filled with character actors whom you recognize for being in dozens of films but can't place him in a single one. Spikes has a huge head start in this category, playing 14 NFL seasons and never making the playoffs. He's the ultimate "that guy."

  • Brett Keisel

    Nobody would have more range than Keisel, who could play a wide variety of roles, from Santa Claus to the loner who lives in the woods and whom you think is the villain but really turns out to be the hero in an episode of "Criminal Minds." Of course, he'd be perfect as Bobby's son in "Sons of Anarchy."

  • Rob Gronkowski

    Every teen and college flick needs that blonde meathead who's dating and/or mistreating the protagonist's dream girl. You know, the kind of role that nobody has been able to perfect since William Zabka stopped making films. Gronk would be perfect for it. He even has the perfect name: Gronk.

  • Mark Sanchez

    Well, Sanchez has been impersonating a quarterback for quite some time now, so acting is the next logical step.


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