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Panthers' Williams to braid hair on Sunday after dreadlock abuse

  • By Dan Hanzus
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Pull my flowing dreadlocks once, shame on you. Pull my flowing dreadlocks twice, well, you know ...

Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams will wear his hair braided this week, after being pulled down by the dreadlocks in back-to-back weeks.

Williams was yanked down by a Detroit Lions defender in Week 13, drawing a 15-yard penalty. It happened again in between the tackles against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, though no flag was thrown.

Williams later found out why.

“I actually learned something about the call, that you can actually horse collar inside the tackles. I didn’t know that,” Williams said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “I thought a horse collar was a horse collar no matter where it was on the field.”

One problem solved, Williams can now focus his attention on how to stop Cam Newton from hogging all the goal-line carries.


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