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Mesko makes holiday dreams come true -- then shatters them

  • By Marc Sessler
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Parents and guardians: Cover the ears of young ones if Zoltan Mesko comes around.

The punter, who's a stand-up guy by all accounts, spent Tuesday night at the team's "Wrap-a-Pat" event, where children had the chance to dress up their favorite Patriots players in paper and ribbons.

(Such is the life of a child.)

"We love to do this. This comes from our heart," Mesko told a WFXT-TV reporter, minutes before dropping a megaton bomb on the world's youth.

When the reporter asked what was on Mesko's Christmas list, the punter grew distant.

"I was very disappointed when I found out that Santa wasn't real last year," he said. "So I didn't make a Christmas list this year."

Shield your ears, children.

For the record, doesn't back these claims. And if this was aimed at young Jets fans, Zoltan, they have suffered enough.


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