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Before beating Bears, Tebow told Woodyard: 'God has spoken'

  • By Marc Sessler
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In a furious run that defies the logic of men, Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos have mowed down six straight opponents in a fashion both beguiling and, in the eyes of some, miraculous.

Amid the fanfare of Sunday's 13-10 overtime win over the Bears, Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard experienced an encounter with Tebow he will not soon forget.

"Tebow came to me and said, 'Don't worry about a thing,' because God has spoken to him," Woodyard told The Denver Post this week.

It was Woodyard who then stripped Bears running back Marion Barber to hand the football -- and the game -- back to Denver.

For Tebow, just another day at the office.

"I believe in a big God and special things can happen," he said, after he erased a 10-0 deficit against Chicago in the final 2:08 of regulation. "It's not necessarily prophesying, but sometimes you can feel God has a big plan."

This year's Broncos will not soon be forgotten. In providing more last-minute heroics in six weeks than some franchises generate in six seasons, they're impossible to look away from. 

Tebow was asked how the ride will end.

"That depends on who's writing it," Tebow told The Post.

Woodyard, for one, has no lingering doubts: "For all the Tebow haters: You better start believing."


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