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Suggs unveils wily plan to keep DC Pagano with Ravens

  • By Marc Sessler
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NFL coaches are getting axed left and right, a trend that's left Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs flustered.

Not about the fate of John Harbaugh, sitting pretty in Baltimore's top spot, but first-year defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, a name on the rise as three teams and counting seek out that solid-gold hire.

Fear not, Ravens fans: Suggs has devised a plot to dispel rumors of Pagano's talents and keep him close to home.

“Chuck Pagano, if anybody is trying to hire a head coach, if they ask, I'm going to say he sucks,” Suggs joked to The Baltimore Sun. “He's terrible. He's a terrible coach. His players don't love him, and he doesn't know what he's doing when he's calling a game."

It's a brand of masterful reverse psychology that will befuddle a classroom of fourth graders, but not an NFL front office (at least not most).

Baltimore's defense -- ranked third this season -- has lived through the departure of defensive coordinators Marvin Lewis in 2001 and Rex Ryan in 2008. It's understandable Suggs doesn't want to see another transition, especially considering his exploits under Pagano, but it's the cost of success for a defense that remains the envy of many around the league.


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