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Payton uses humor to brush off Titans' whistle claims

  • By Dan Hanzus
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Time to check in on the team that blew the whistle on the team that (allegedly) blew the whistle.

In case you missed it, Titans offensive lineman Jake Scott accused someone on the Saints' sideline of blowing a whistle when Tennessee had the ball during New Orleans' 22-17 victory Sunday.

The famous Whistle Monster has been indicted by Sean Payton.
The famous Whistle Monster has been indicted by Sean Payton. (Derick E. Hingle/US Presswire)

Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the claim Monday, albeit in a manner that suggested he didn't take the situation even remotely seriously.

"I've got three theories on the whistle theory, and I think I've got the answer," Payton said during his news conference. "There is a high school field nearby and they were playing a game while our game was going on, so I thought maybe it was the high school whistle we heard."

That's theory No. 1. The runt of the litter.

"We weren't in Memphis; we were in Nashville," Payton went on, "so I saw a guy dressed in black and it looked like Johnny Cash, and maybe he was blowing a whistle in the crowd."

Johnny Cash is dead. Theory No. 2 is implausible.

"But I figured out I really think Whistle Monster -- who is famous in these parts -- (did it)," Peyton said, holding up a photo of noted Saints fan Leroy Mitchell, who wears a giant whistle on his head during games. "He's a famous 'Who Dat' Saints fan. And so high school football game, Johnny and June Cash (editor's note: also deceased), Whistle Monster -- I'm going to go with Whistle Monster. I think he was there helping us any way he could."

Good to have that settled. Jake Scott should be cool with everything now.


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