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Titans coaches say players can't worry about fines for big hits

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Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray wants his defense to hit hard, and hit clean. The truth is  he isn't worried about the ramifications, such as fines from the NFL.

"The biggest thing I think in this league is you have to start putting fear in guys from throwing the ball in the middle of the field," Gray told The Tennessean on Thursday. "And if that means getting a letter from the commissioner on Monday, that means getting a letter from the commissioner."

Gray's boss -- coach Mike Munchak -- agrees with the aggressive hit-first, ask-questions-later philosophy.

"There is no doubt we want guys that are going to dislodge that ball," Munchak said, according to the newspaper. You can't have your players worrying about fines. You don't want to be timid and have that as a reason you are not making plays.

"You just have to let the chips fall where they fall. There is plenty of opportunity to be smart -- not leaving your feet or leading with you head. There's a lot of teams, a lot of secondaries making great plays on the ball and making great hits, clean hits."

Gray and Munchak clearly aren't advocating illegal hits that draw fines. But they also want the Titans playing up to the edge, a line some teams have trouble not crossing.



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