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Cam on Carolina: 'I'm just trying to get everybody on my level'

  • By Marc Sessler
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Twelve games into his startling rookie campaign, Cam Newton has developed a zero-tolerance policy for losing. If Carolina was looking for a company man -- some meek figurehead -- its quarterback has only brought fire.

In his first national interview in months, Newton didn't shy away from sending a strongly worded message to the Panthers.

“What happens when you take a lion out of the safari and try to take him to your place of residence and make him a house pet? ... It ain’t going to happen,” Newton told ESPN this week.

"That's the type of person that I am. I'm that lion. The house that I’m in is somewhat of a tarnished house where losing is accepted. But I’m trying to change that, whether I'm going to have to turn that house into a safari or I'm just going to have to get out of that house.”

Newton took a moment to clarify: "I'm not trying to leave this place. I'm just trying to get everybody on my level."

Bold words from a rookie, which might be interpreted the wrong way by some, but Cam is no regular first-year quarterback. 

He is, by all accounts, a lion. 


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