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Chicago reporter asks Tebow to pray for Cutler's thumb

  • By Dan Hanzus
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Jay Cutler's surgically repaired right thumb continues to foster some seriously strange behavior, not to mention the Bears' decision to stick with Caleb Hanie at quarterback.

Last week, multiple Twitter accounts claimed to be created by the injured thumb on Cutler's throwing hand. Cutler himself added to the mind warp by responding to one of the accounts.

Next up: A member of the Chicago media ended a Wednesday conference call with Tim Tebow by asking if the Broncos quarterback could say a prayer for Cutler's thumb.

After a genuine laugh, Tebow gave his typically measured response.

"I do wish Jay Cutler the best and a speedy recovery," he said. "He's been very nice and gracious every time I've been in his presence and had to meet him and talk with him. So, I wish him nothing but the best."

You have to hand it to Tebow. His meteoric rise to cultural phenomenon has had the effect of blurring the line of good taste when it comes to jokes about his faith. To his credit, Tebow has rolled with the punches -- perhaps necessary for sanity when you attain fame at gargantuan levels.


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