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Archie Manning uncertain of Peyton's destiny with Colts

  • By Marc Sessler
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When your name is Archie Manning, and you tell the world that your son, Colts star Peyton, and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck would rather not play on the same team, you don't fly under the radar with any amount of skill.

Archie -- claiming no knowledge that his Tuesday comments sparked a fire -- rejoined "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday to clarify his riff.

"Andrew Luck doesn't look like the kind of quarterback, to me, that's going to sit when he goes to the NFL," Archie said. "He's mature, he's good, he can play -- that's my point."

Archie called Luck a "can't miss" pro-ready quarterback and said general manager Bill Polian would face a dilemma if the Colts wind up with the No. 1 overall draft pick.

"You've got to see where Peyton is health-wise," Archie acknowledged. "I think that will clear up, in the next, hopefully, couple months. ... (Polian's) got a big responsibility, he's got to see the big picture."

Archie shifted gears: "I'm not a general manager. ... I'm a daddy."

Asked repeatedly whether Peyton is more likely to play elsewhere or not at all if the Colts went in another direction, Archie had to ponder it for a minute.

"Well, I'm not saying -- if he's healthy -- that he won't play for the Colts," he said. "That's been pretty special these 13, 14 years there."

Archie admitted that, ultimately, it might not be his son's choice to make -- but that of a franchise in deep thought over its future.


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