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Giants could be making a move for a much-needed QB

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Eli takes one last chance to watch Aaron Rodgers highlights on the big screen.


It's Tuesday on NFL.com, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here on the Pick Six, we see things a little differently. While everybody is debating who the NFL's best is, let's not ignore the NFL's worst. The teams we will be talking about once the draft gets closer.

And while one team has been head and shoulders below the rest, the rest of the draft order seemingly is up for grabs. Here is an early handicapping of the worst of the rest.

And without further ado ...





I don't know if Joe Buck was aware of this, but the Giants also lost to the undefeated Patriots in the 2007 regular season before going on to win the Super Bowl. Oh, that's right; it was the only thing he talked about Sunday. Yeah, we all got it, Joe. The only problem with your analogy was the 2007 Giants were good. This current crop has lost four consecutive games and has just as good of a chance of finishing 6-10 than it does at 10-6. If the Giants do finish in the bottom six, do they finally address their long-standing need for a quarterback? Up next: at Dallas




I'm not positive what's the definition of "youngry" (the preseason buzzword created by coach Raheem Morris). But if I had to guess, I would say that it means overachievers who are exposed by a lack of offensive talent. Don't use Josh Johnson as an excuse, either. The team was struggling with Josh Freeman at the helm, too.
Up next: at Jacksonville




The Jaguars really put their losing ways at risk -- not to mention a chance for a top-six finish -- when they fired Jack Del Rio. But the move paid off on Monday, as an infusion of life was not enough to overtake the equally uninspired Chargers. The Jags really might have dodged a bullet and could make a charge down the stretch. Up next: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers




Anybody could lose to Tim Tebow when he's running the ball. It takes some true skill, however, to make Tebow look credible as a passer, as the Vikings did on Sunday. The Viking should ponder shutting down Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season -- that would show a great commitment to moving up to the No. 2 spot. Up next: at Detroit



ST. LOUIS FC (2-10)

There is no shame in losing to the 49ers, but come on. St. Louis and San Francisco looked like two fraternity hoops teams going through the motions, playing a game of pickup in which they called their own fouls. St. Louis could lock up the No. 2 spot if Tom Brandstater has to play a couple of games at QB. Up next: at Seattle




The Colts just have about locked this thing up. Oh, and there are reports that Andrew Luck is ready to enter the NFL draft. How did Indy become this, uh, fortunate? The Colts are at Baltimore this week. The NFL should have found a way to flex this game to Week 17. The fans in Baltimore deserve the chance to see this team clinch 0-16. Up next: at Baltimore

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