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Jaguars fans usher in new era with Khan mustache

  • By Simon Samano
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The mustache, for better or worse, is a universal symbol of manliness. In Jacksonville, it's now a symbol of support, too.

(Florida Times-Union/Special to

The Florida Times-Union encouraged Jaguars fans attending Monday night's game against the Chargers to show support for new owner Shahid Khan by wearing a cutout mustache offered by the newspaper.

A bit of a goofy gesture? Sure. But Khan has a signature 'stache (not to mention an incredible head of hair) that simply cannot be ignored.

In fact, you could make the case that Khan's man-tastic mustache rivals many of the all-time greats, from Albert Einstein's to Tom Selleck's and everyone's in between. Geraldo Rivera and John Stossel definitely ain't got nothin' on Khan.

So the next time Jimmy Fallon does his Ultimate Mustache Fighter bit on "Late Night," he should consider using Khan's.

One last thing from The Times-Union: The Great Mustache Quiz. Enjoy!


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