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Manning greeted with well wishes from 'classy' Patriots fans

  • By Dan Hanzus
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Considering Peyton Manning has been Lex Luthor to Tom Brady's Superman for a decade, you can't blame the Colts quarterback for being surprised by the reception he received from Patriots fans on Sunday.

Manning -- who has missed the entire season as he recovers from neck surgery -- was met with compliments and well wishes during a pregame autograph session at Gillette Stadium. Manning was on the sideline for Indianapolis' 31-24 loss to the AFC East leaders.

"These Patriots fans, who obviously while I'm playing through the years, like good fans, they make it tough on the opposing quarterback," Manning said, according to The Boston Globe. "But they were sincere about, 'Hey, I hope you get back. We miss seeing you out there. Sorry you're not playing this game.' So it was classy. I was real appreciative."

While Brady's Patriots generally have gotten the best of the Colts over the years, Manning will be remembered as a peer of Brady during their Hall of Fame careers.

"This is such an intense rivalry," Manning said. "Your own fans are going to tell you they miss seeing you out there and get back soon, but when kind of your biggest rival does it, I don't think they'd be saying it if they didn't mean it."

Before we organize a formal lovefest for Patriots fans, we must mention that Colts kicker (and New England playoff legend) Adam Vinatieri was booed before a field-goal attempt Sunday.


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