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Rodgers tells of offbeat encounter with Lions' Vanden Bosch

  • By Marc Sessler
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Kyle Vanden Bosch is one strange cat.

To start, the Lions defensive end dons blood-red contacts on game day, which would be slightly laughable if he weren't crushing people in the process.

According to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Vanden Bosch also enjoys sitting on people. During games.

"He just lays on guys, and stays on there," Rodgers told ESPN Milwaukee this week.

While the Packers had no trouble knocking off Detroit on Thanksgiving Day, Rodgers said he took an illegal hit by Vanden Bosch, and produced the physical evidence.

"Well, look at my chin here, and you let me know," he said. "I've got a little cut right here. So no, he hit me in the chin, and it kind of went like this (dipping into his imitation of Vanden Bosch's Hulk Hoganesque voice): 'Ohhh I got you good. That one had to hurt.'

"... And I'm like, 'You’re probably getting a penalty though.' He goes, 'No way.' ... and I was 'Yeah, you got me on the chin there, it's probably a penalty.' And he goes, 'Noooo.' And then he saw the penalty flag, and he started to go crazy."

Rodgers, telling the story in jest, linked his opponent's madcap behavior to a similar scene last season, when, after a flag was thrown, Vanden Bosch, "proceeded to yell at the white cap -- the head ref -- that it was Suh who was offsides, and not him: 'Nooo, it was Suh. Suuuhhh.'

"I mean, he's crazy," Rodgers said.

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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