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Woodson: 16-0 talk 'fine,' but Super Bowl is Packers' goal

  • By Marc Sessler
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Even if Charles Woodson has lowered the volume on his "undefeated" riff, he's not backing off visions of a perfect season in Green Bay.

The All-Pro cornerback told Yahoo! Sports earlier this month that he and the Packers weren't afraid to dare fate as opposed to cowering from it.

"We're 8-0. We'd love to be 16-0 -- love to" Woodson said at the time. "It's a realistic conversation now. We're halfway there. So yeah, let's talk about it."

Three convincing wins later, Woodson joined "The Rich Eisen Podcast," which came out Wednesday. While he didn't dismiss the notion of running the table, Woodson downshifted into football-speak to let us know Green Bay is taking it one game at a time.

"We understand we have a big game coming up this week in New York (against the Giants)," he said. "All those talks about 16-0 and the playoffs are fine ... but we are focused on this week and 12-0. Our No. 1 goal has and always will be -- Super Bowl."

This team has envisioned a title defense from the earliest moments after February's crowning victory over the Steelers. The Packers never seemed to doubt a repeat and, honestly, history is starting to smile on their chances.

Here's how past 11-0 teams ultimately fared:

» 1972 Miami Dolphins: 14-0 (Won Super Bowl VII)
» 1984 Miami Dolphins: 14-2 (Lost in Week 12, lost Super Bowl XIX)
» 1985 Chicago Bears: 15-1 (Lost in Week 13, won Super Bowl XX)
» 1991 Washington Redskins: 14-2 (Lost in Week 13, won Super Bowl XXVI)
» 1998 Denver Broncos: 14-2 (Lost in Week 15, won Super Bowl XXXIII)
» 2005 Indianapolis Colts: 14-2 (Lost in Week 15, lost AFC Divisional playoff)
» 2007 New England Patriots: 16-0 (Lost Super Bowl XLII)
» 2009 Indianapolis Colts: 14-2 (Lost in Week 16, lost Super Bowl XLIV)
» 2009 New Orleans Saints: 13-3 (Lost in Week 15, won Super Bowl XLIV)
» 2011 Green Bay Packers: TBD

The undefeated thing remains tricky, but only one 11-0 team has failed to reach the Super Bowl.

Can the Packers do what no other team has accomplished since the 1972 Dolphins? Or does a lesser fate await this seemingly unbeatable force?


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