Colts have put this one away, so who's No. 2?

Darron Cummings/Associated Press
Someone in Indianapolis has his head in the game.


The race for the No. 1 overall draft pick nearly is over, but who's No. 2? A number of teams that don't need a quarterback are starting to crowd the top of the draft order, which could make things pretty interesting. In fact, four of the six teams already have a franchise QB.


And without further ado ...





Boy, you really have to question the wisdom of the Jaguars, who fired coach Jack Del Rio on Tuesday. Del Rio has a history of finishing strong, authoring a three-game losing streak to end 2010, a four-game skid to finish 2009, and don't forget, Jacksonville lost six of its last seven in 2008. If the Jaguars really were going to make a push into the top three, Del Rio had the proven track record. Curious. This move could come back to haunt the team. Up next: vs. San Diego




Credit to coach Tony Sparano for finding a way to end the team's three-game run. And believe me, finding a way to lose to Tony Romo late in the fourth quarter isn't an easy feat. The Dolphins finished the previous two seasons with three-game losing streaks, so Sparano is about to enter his sweet spot. Miami actually is in good position to grab the second quarterback in the draft.
Up next: vs. Oakland




The Vikings are saying the right things by intimating that Adrian Peterson could be out for a long stretch because of a high ankle sprain. There is saying, however, and there is doing. If the Vikings really were committed to getting Peterson some help for next year, they would put him in bubble wrap and start scouting linemen. Up next: vs. Denver




Call this team the post office, because the Chargers are mailing it in. The good news for Norv Turner is that he no longer is squandering the best talent in the NFL. That's because the Chargers just aren't talented, and they're being exposed on a weekly basis by better coaching and better players. Boy, you have to wonder how far up the draft board this team could have gone if it would have had one of those famous Turner starts to go with the current swoon. We'd be approaching Mike Riley territory Up next: at Jacksonville



ST. LOUIS FC (2-9)

If you watched the Saints dominate the Giants on Monday night, then you had to have been wondering how the FC found a way to pull off that upset. Fans in St. Louis might be left to wonder what could have been. The team actually is in a great spot to address its greatest need -- the offensive line. Up next: at San Francisco




The Colts have put the finishing touches on this one, and if you're a certain quarterback from a well-regarded academic Northern California school playing in one of the premiere conferences in the country, then you might want to check out the housing prices in Indianapolis. I'm not saying who that would be. I'm just throwing it out there. Up next: at New England

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