Cheerleader forced to delete Twitter account after Witten run-in?

  • By Dan Hanzus
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By censoring cheerleader Melissa Kellerman, the Cowboys might have become the NFL's new "Steel Curtain."

One day after Kellerman accidentally was run over by tight end Jason Witten during the Cowboys' 20-19 victory over the Miami Dolphins, CNBC's Darren Rovell reported Friday that the team forced the cheerleader to delete her Twitter account.

Why, you ask? Kellerman was muzzled after sending out two innocuous tweets about the incident.

"I'm not the best at Jason Witten trust falls. ;)"

And ...

"Not hurtin' today, like some of y'all thought I would be! Our TE isn't as tough as he looks... That or I'm WAY tougher than I look. ;)"

If we had to guess, we'd say the team wasn't thrilled that Kellerman insinuated Witten wasn't tough, even if it clearly was in jest.

There's likely also some residual uneasiness after the incident involving cheerleader Kelsie Reich, who was the recipient of a hug and a football after her boyfriend -- Bills wide receiver David Neslon -- scored a touchdown at Cowboys Stadium earlier this month. Reich was permitted to tweet about her encounter with Nelson without being banned from social media services.

The Cowboys suddenly are struggling to control the message of their iconic cheerleaders, and Kellerman appears to have been swept up in an initiative to reassume power. That naturally leads to one question: Why would you need to control the message of your cheerleaders? Madness in Big D.