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Elway: Broncos would like Tebow to become long-term QB

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If John Elway hasn't made his feelings on Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow clear, he's doing his best to try.

After saying Monday that he didn't feel any closer to already knowing he had his quarterback of the future and then clarfiying Tuesday that Tebow will be judged on a full season's worth of work, the Broncos' executive vice president of football operations once again took to the airwaves to give a State of the Tebow address.

Elway said Wednesday on KOA-AM that he's rooting for Tebow but has no way of knowing if the quarterback is right for the team.

"It would be absolutely wonderful for the Denver Broncos and Denver Broncos fans if Tim Tebow could become that franchise guy," Elway said. "I wish I had that crystal ball to be able to say that he absolutely is or -- I don't want to say he's not because I don't believe that. But it's hard to say if Tim Tebow is absolutely that guy. We're very hopeful that he is."

Elway praised Tebow for accumulating a 4-1 record as a starter but noted he would have to improve as a passer.

"When you look at Tim, you know he has all the intangibles," Elway said. "For any quarterback to really succeed in this league, you have to be consistent throwing the football and you have to be consistently on target. Those are the things that we know and Tim knows. He'll continue to get better this season, but a lot of the work will come in the offseason. When you're getting ready and prepared for an upcoming game, it's difficult to spend time on the technique work because you're spending so much mental time with the game plan. The work we're going to have to see is going to be coming in the offseason."

Asked about how Tebow's need to use the offseason to improve would affect the Broncos' plans for next year and beyond, Elway remained non-commital.

"We'll have to play that when we get there," he said. "It's hard to say as we sit here right now what's going to happen. Once we get him into the offseason, we'll go through the evaluations. Who knows where we'll be drafting. There are a lot of unknown variables right now to where we can't really say what we're going to do in the offseason until we get there."


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