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Dolphins QB Moore named AFC's Offensive Player of the Week

  • By Dan Hanzus
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If you thought it was impossible for the Dolphins' 2011 season to produce anything but jokes about Tony Sparano, think again. Miami now has a victory to its credit, and on Wednesday a Dolphins player received an honest-to-goodness accolade from the league office.

Quarterback Matt Moore was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. True story.

Moore, who took over after Chad Henne had season-ending shoulder surgery, became the first Dolphins quarterback since Chad Pennington in 2008 to throw three TD passes in Miami's 31-3 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

A game like this works on two levels for Moore. First, it showcases the ceiling on his potential as a signal-caller. Second, it decreases his team's chances of winning the "Suck for Luck" competition, which has obvious ramifications on his employment status. Of course, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is on record saying he wants a franchise QB and known commodity at coach in place next season, so Moore should probably just enjoy this while it lasts.

That's all in the future, though. For now, it's important to realize that Matt Moore ruled the world -- even if it was for just one week. Let's all use this as motivation in our own lives.



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