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Bill Polian's 'rats' riff elicits instructive tweets from Irsay

  • By Marc Sessler
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Jim Irsay -- as only the Colts owner could -- chimed in Wednesday on a nasty exchange between team executive Bill Polian and The Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz.

Kravitz poured the blame on thick Sunday, characterizing the winless Colts as a product of poor coaching and faulty front-office leadership.

Kravitz called Chris Polian, Bill's son, the winner of a "genetic lottery" who hasn't earned his role as vice president and general manager. Kravitz reported former Colts personnel view Chris as a "toxic force" who has cut the legs out from under the struggling franchise.

The public undressing irritated Bill, the team's vice chairman, who fired back after Sunday's loss to the Falcons: "Some people are just rats who lie about people," saying the team's responsibility is to "throw the rats in the sewer."

Irsay's tweets Wednesday don't exactly drip with support for Bill:

"My friend Bob K,was off base on his article," Irsay tweeted, "all that Watergate stuff,unnamed sources,blah,blah..2 heavy handed,not enough perspective.

"But we all have 2 handle criticism in this business,with poise,it comes with the territory..I'm just blessed 2 have another day,2 go 2 work"

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From there, Irsay channeled the musical catalog of Eddie Vedder to drive his point home:

"One way to survive frustration," he tweeted, "is putting on Pearl Jams 'Not for You' and turning it up to eleven!!!!!!!"

So as the Colts owner cranks up mid-90s "Vitalogy" gems to drown out the rising chaos, the Polian clan, coach Jim Caldwell -- even Peyton Manning -- are left to wonder about their future in Indy.


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