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Ravens' Suggs talks a good game ahead of Steelers showdown

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Never one to hide his thoughts, particularly when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore linebacker Terrell Suggs expounded Wednesday on the Ravens' upcoming rematch with their AFC North rivals.

"There is the Super Bowl and then there is Ravens-Steelers. Everybody will be watching this game," Suggs said, according to The Baltimore Sun.

"We have been declared war upon. We are the enemy of the state," Suggs said. "(Heinz Field) is my Madison Square Garden. I love playing in this stadium, I love the way the people treat me, the welcoming they give me with the No. 1’s. I love it. We’re going on the road in probably the toughest stadium to play in the NFL. We’re expecting a physical football game. This is football. I’m guaranteeing the NFL, the world will stop for this game, and everybody wants to see it. We will be ready."

Suggs also had some provocative words for veteran Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward, who sat out last Sunday's Steelers victory over New England with an ankle injury.

"I’m looking right at you 86. I need you to play," Suggs said, looking into a video camera. "Please put on that 86, that smile and all the things you do. We need all that for this game."

The Ravens opened the season with a 35-7 win over the Steelers in Baltimore -- a game in which Suggs had three sacks of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger -- but Suggs said there'll motivation on both sides Sunday.

"They’re definitely going to have some ‘Let’s get after them’ to their game. But in hindsight, who knocked us out of the playoffs last year? In 2008, a certain team beat us to go to the Super Bowl, and danced all over the field, held up the AFC Championship trophy. We had to sit by and watch that. There’s a little salt in the wound on both sides."



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