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Broncos' Bailey: Switching QBs 'different' than anything else

  • By Marc Sessler
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Tim Tebow's inevitable elevation to the starting role in Denver generated the massive buzz we all knew it would.

Behind the curtain, though, Broncos veterans might be feeling the burden of switching quarterbacks six weeks into the season.

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"Quarterback is just different," Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey told The Denver Post. "So when you find one, it's great, and when you're looking for one, everybody's watching you do it. And when you change one, everybody wants to know why."

The Post described a "somber mood" in Denver's locker room during the bye week leading up to Tebow's first of the season, which comes Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. While Broncos fans and the football press have unleashed a furious storm of Tebow-related white noise, Denver's veterans couldn't help but feel for demoted starter Kyle Orton.

"I think what's tough is people just decide it's all him, that's why we're 1-4," Bailey said. "That's not the case, it's not just him. It's that praise/blame thing with the quarterback. They get it all sometimes, whether it's right or wrong. They know that, it comes with the territory."

Territory that now belongs to Tebow, for better or worse.

Bailey also appeared on "NFL Total Access" on Thursday and acknowledged the challenges -- and hope -- attached to Tebow's ascension.

"It's never a good thing to have to switch quarterbacks; it must mean that there is some inconsistency at the position, so it's never a good thing," Bailey said. "Nobody is going to like it, but if you feel like it's going to give us a little something that we need at the moment, yeah, I think players are all for it."


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