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Eagles' McCoy 'knocked wind out' of Reid with gut punch

  • By Marc Sessler
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Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz nearly came to blows, but it was Andy Reid who absorbed the most unexpected wallop Sunday.

In the final minutes of Philadelphia's win over the Washington Redskins, LeSean McCoy carried the ball on second-and-3 for what he thought was an Eagles first down. Galloping off the field, a jubilant McCoy -- with the ball in his right hand -- flung his left fist into Reid's belly. The coach's head shot back and he yelped something that probably wasn't safe for television.

"He knocked the wind out of me," Reid told the Philadelphia Inquirer

It was a tad early for McCoy to celebrate, as he didn't actually net the first down. Vick sealed the deal on the next play, but no matter.

"I don't really care. (McCoy) can do anything he wants today," a happy Reid said after the game. "Handshake, chest bump."

Climbing back from their 2-4 start, will this become Philly's version of the (now tedious) Gatorade dunk? Each heartfelt victory sealed by an Eagles player rocketing a closed fist into the cushy regions of Reid's stomach? We certainly hope so.


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