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McGwire, Mirer and the Boz, the Seahawks need some do-overs


The Seattle Seahawks have changed the role of LB Aaron Curry and that could be a possible admission that the team made a mistake taking him with the fourth pick of the 2009 NFL Draft. What the team could have done with that pick instead, right? So with that in mind, I present to you the six biggest draft do-overs that Seahawks fans would love to have back. And without further ado…

6. Brian Bosworth 1987 supplemental draft

The Boz gets a bad rap because of the image of Bo Jackson running him over the end zone (and really, the Boz did stop him, but he was in the end zone and fell backward). But the Boz was pretty good when he was healthy. And that is the rub, he was just not healthy enough to escape the list.

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Could have had...

The Seahawks surrendered their first pick in the 1988 NFL Draft. And while they were far down the draft board after making the playoffs in 1987, the team could have used that pick on Flipper Anderson...one of the most underrated receivers in NFL history.

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5. Koren Robinson 2001

There seems to be a curse in Seattle, because the seemingly has been looking for the next great receiver since Steve Largent retired. And taking Robinson did not to change that perception. Robinson had a few decent years for the Seahawks, but that was about it.

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Could have had...

The Colts selected Reggie Wayne at the end of the first round in the 2001 draft. Some contend that Wayne benefitted from having Peyton Manning throwing him the ball, but he would have flourished with Matt Hasselbeck.

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4. Dan McGwire 1991

The Seahawks were looking for a franchise quarterback in 1991, and after drafting McGwire, the team was still looking for one. But the one upshot that the Seahawks fans should celebrate, the team did pass on taking Todd Marinovich.

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Could have had...

Sure the team passed on Marinovich, but the team also passed on Brett Favre. But hey, the Seahawks did pretty well with a Favre-protege for years, so there is that.

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3. Aaron Curry 2009

It is hard faulting the Seahawks for taking Curry, who was positioned as the most sure-fire pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. But it just is not working out that way right now.

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Could have had...

Clay Matthews helped lead the Packers defense to a Super Bowl championship. If only Pete Carroll had arrived a bit sooner, maybe this could have been a reality.

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2. Rick Mirer 1993

The Seahawks appeared to have made a solid pick in 1993 when they selected Mirer with the second overall pick. Mirer passed for nearly 3,000 yards and 12 touchdowns as a rookie, back in a day when rookie quarterbacks struggled. But then things went downhill from there.

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Could have had...

If we are playing revisionist history, and pretending that the Seahawks had chosen Favre in 1991, then Seattle would have been pretty wise to select a future Hall of Fame tackle, Willie Roaf.

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1. Steve August

If I was a citizen of Seattle, I would refuse to even recognize the month of August and instead just pretend that July had 32 days. And this really isn't a knock on August, but rather a look at the guy they could have had.

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Could have had...

The Seahawks traded the second overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys, who then picked Pittsburgh RB Tony Dorsett, who was big in leading the Cowboys to a win in Super Bowl XII.

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