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Grossman says Redskins have league's best WRs ... seriously

  • By Dan Hanzus
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Pop quiz: Name the top three wide receivers on the Redskins' depth chart.

Go. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Time's up. Yes, you got veteran Santana Moss. But did you name Jabar Gaffney and Anthony Armstrong?

Rex Grossman thinks you should know all three. After all, the 'Skins QB believes his group of wideouts is second to none in the NFL.

“This is the best wide receiving corps in the league, in my opinion, from top to bottom," Grossman told The Washington Post in Thursday's edition. "Everybody’s a great player. Anthony Armstrong can do special things. He’s fast, so he gets people off him. He can make big plays, Santana’s great, Jabar’s great. So, everybody has a role and collectively, they’re one of the best.”

Digital print doesn't allow us to know if Grossman was being sarcastic (for instance, it's unclear if Rex gave a big old wink as he said this) so we can only assume he was being serious.

This isn't meant to marginalize Moss, Gaffney and Armstrong. They have all had positive moments in the first two weeks of the season. But it's hard to put them above the wideouts in Green Bay, Indianapolis or New Orleans. We imagine you could add several more groups to that list, and we invite you to.

We won't though. Grossman is enjoying something of a renaissance in his career right now, and we're not about to rain on the man's parade. Let him dish out the compliments. At the very least it will make him more popular with teammates around the holidays.


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