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Instant replay not instant enough for Eagles in loss to Falcons

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Broadcasters for NBC's "Sunday Night Football" apologized to Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid for not providing a replay fast enough for him to challenge an interception during a loss to the Atlanta Falcons, according to

Early in the third quarter of Atlanta's 35-31 victory, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's pass over the middle appeared to be picked off by Falcons cornerback Kelvin Hayden. But subsequent replays showed that Hayden didn't cleanly catch the ball.

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Reid was asked after the game why he didn't throw the challenge flag.

"Well, there was no replay for us to look at, and I actually had the people from the broadcast apologize, send me an email and apologize on that, but listen, that's hindsight now,” he said.

"Sunday Night Football" producer Fred Gaudelli explained Monday that his crew couldn't find a clean angle to show the play until too much time had elapsed for Reid to issue a challenge.

"We looked at the replays as fast as we could to show if he maintained possession," Gaudelli said. "The two low end-zone cameras were blocked, and the high end-zone camera was blocked by Hayden's body."

"I feel badly about it," Gaudelli said.



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