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Dolphins play like strangers in Miami, while fans stay away

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The Miami Dolphins have lost 11 of their last 12 home games, and veteran linebacker Jason Taylor admitted on Sunday that some of the players are starting to lose confidence.

"To be honest, we have," Taylor told the Palm Beach Post after Miami fell to the Houston Texans, 23-13, to drop to 0-2 on the season. "Not everybody, but I’m sure there’s a faction of the group that’s trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are. That’s kind of the product of losing sometimes, you start to question, second-guess a little bit, question what you’re doing as a team. And until you win, those things will linger out there a little bit."

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Dolphins coaches and players were particularly upset about Sunday's 23-yard clinching touchdown to Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson in the fourth quarter. Safety Reshad Jones was supposed to help Nolan Carroll cover Johnson on the play, but Jones was nowhere near the play and Johnson easily beat Carroll.

"That touchdown should’ve never happened," Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith said. "It should’ve been intercepted, if anything. Two young guys need to just talk and be on the same page, and we wouldn’t be talking about this play."

"I’m not sure we all understand the magnitude of what we’re trying to do here and what’s at stake," Taylor said. "If you can’t get it, get out of the way, we’ll get somebody that will."

Miami's players weren't the only ones who seemed dispirited: Sun Life Stadium was barely half-full.



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